Stand Tall

Stand Tall

Improve Your Posture at Quantum Health & Yoga Lounge

Quantum Health & Yoga Lounge owner Scott Howe is passionate about the health benefits of their yoga program. "It doesn't matter who you are, your body type, or where you're at physically," Scott explains. "Yoga is a great place to start for good health!" From gaining balance, strength and flexibility to having a positive impact on your digestive, immune and hormonal systems, Quantum offers a variety of dynamic classes that target overall wellness.


One of the most noticeable advantages of yoga is better posture. We aren't talking about walking while balancing a book on your head! In this day and age, we are often hunched over laptops and cell phones, resulting in rolled shoulders and chronic neck pain ("tech neck").  Yoga poses open up the chest and shoulders, strengthen back muscles, and lengthen the spine. Proper posture has amazing health benefits:


*      Proper body alignment allows organs to function correctly.

*      When you stand, or sit up straight, you eliminate chronic neck and back pain.

*      When you don't slouch, your lungs have room to expand in your chest, resulting in improved breathing. Efficient breathing also aids in anxiety.

*      You'll look taller and slimmer.


"It's not unusual for people to come to the studio and gain a half-inch in height!"


All of Quantum's classes aid in improve posture. For first-timers or clients easing back into an exercise routine, Gentle Yoga for Beginners teaches basic poses and alignment. Foundations of Yoga focuses on safe alignment through flowing poses. Check out their schedule of classes at


Wellness from the inside out - that's the Quantum FEEL GOOD experience. Come by today!

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