Growing Veterans

We combine veteran reintegration with sustainable agriculture- creating a holistic solution to fighting the multitude of issues the veteran population faces and simultaneously empowering our fellow vets to strengthen the incredibly important sustainable agriculture movement.

Acknowledging the many issues that veterans face: unemployment, homelessness, suicide, divorce and depression – we believe that in most cases the root cause of these issues is isolation. Isolated from the peers they served with, from family and friends, from the community as a whole, it can be difficult for a veteran to remain resilient and get the proper support they need. Growing Veterans provides a place where veterans can get together in support of a positive and worthy cause, allowing them to experience an informal peer-support setting, while also encouraging them to use skills gained in the military or school to support the broader community. While working in the fields we talk about our wartime experience, issues we’re having gaining access to the VA, struggles we face in school using the GI Bill, suicide, politics, medications… we even laugh and poke fun at each other, sometimes ruthlessly, because that’s what camaraderie is all about. After all, most of us are vets. Growing Veterans is a non-profit organization with 501 (c) 3 designation since October 8, 2014.