Craft Stove Giving The Gift Of Warmth Since 1985!

Craft Stove Giving The Gift Of Warmth Since 1985!

Did you know Craft Stove has been in the community for over 31 years? They sell, install and maintain stoves, fireplaces, grills, barbecues, smokers and outdoor fire pits. What's more, they carry locally made brands such as LoPi, Fireplace X, and Avalon!


After a fire destroyed their main location, the support from the community has been so encouraging and uplifting. One of the owners fondest memories is when one of their clients came in to show their support and express their relief because not only does Craft Stove service their fireplace, but also their children's fireplace and their grandchildren's fireplace!


Craft Stove was established in 1985 by Rudy Kerkvliet. Rudy had a strong sense of morals and reinforced that business isn't about making a fast buck, it is about creating lasting relationships and building up our community. As the new owners, Ben and Kathy Sousa have built upon these strong business ethics that make Craft Stove such an important part of our community.


Craft Stove is a huge supporter of SICBA, Neighbors In Need Food Bank, Pregnancy Choices, the Mount Vernon chambers of commerce, Terra Nueva, YMCA Oasys Teen Shelter, The Hospice Foundation, and the Friendship House. "The donations we give are in support of charities and nonprofits which are near and dear to our heart," Ben Sousa shared with us.


Craft Stove would love, by this time next year, to be in their old location in a new building. Stop by and show your support at either of their current locations on 915 Mclean (directly behind the old store) or just down the street at 17675 Hwy 536.

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