A Second Chance

A Second Chance

Wilson Picture Framing Brings Old Artwork Back to Life

Guy Wilson and his daughters, Julie and Jennifer love a good makeover story. That's why they are passionate about finding old paintings at local antique shops and thrift stores and giving them a new lease on life. "It's a really a joy to see the change in a piece of artwork just by putting it in a fresh, new frame," explains Jennifer. "We are giving it a second chance."

These hidden gems can be sad and dusty, hiding behind a stack of objects, waiting for the capable hands at Wilson's to transform them. Just like jewelry can change the whole look of an outfit, the right frame works the same magic on these traditional landscapes, colorful pop art, and one-of-a-kind abstracts. Julie and Jennifer would love to take before and after photos of their makeovers. "But as soon as the painting is in the store, Dad has already started framing!"

Come by and see this restyled vintage art at Wilson Picture Framing. You can also bring in your own canvas for your own Extreme Makeover: Art Edition!

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