25 Years Of Frames

25 Years Of Frames

On April 20th, 1992, Guy Wilson opened Wilson Picture Framing. 25 years later, Guy Wilson and his two daughters, Julie and Jennifer, are celebrating a quarter of a century of success. "When my father first opened the store over 25 years ago, there were only two rows of frames! Today, we have hundreds of frames - we don't even have enough walls for all of the frames."

Today, the Wilson Picture Framing Team is constantly receiving new frame samples to add to their ever growing stock of modern and classical frames. Whether you are seeking the rustic aesthetics or the minimalist appeal, Wilson Picture Framing has a little bit of something for everyone. To ensure the quality of their craftsmanship and work, Wilson Picture Framing only offers the highest quality wood and metal frames from local makers.

"Someone can walk into the store and take one minute to choose their frame. Sometimes, people can be in here for an hour. Having a variety of frames gives us this opportunity to provide the PERFECT frame for every project, big and small." Julie explained.

Wilson Picture Framing guarantees their prices are 20% off the national list prices. So, if you are looking to frame a picture, canvas, or maybe a memorable piece of art, stop by Wilson Picture Framing today!

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